Embassy in Mauritius gave teaching supplies to Chinese schools

In February 10, 2018, the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius held a donation ceremony at a Chinese School. The political counselor of the embassy Gong Yufeng gifted Chinese Tutoring materials and traditional Chinese musical instruments to three Chinese schools of Mauritius, Xinhua, Huaxia and Guangming.

In his speech, Mr. Gong said that Mauritius promotes multiculturalism and incorporates Chinese into the national education system. The Chinese language school has made positive contributions to the promotion of Chinese language and the promotion of cultural exchanges and mutual recognition between the two peoples. The Chinese Embassy has always been concerned about the development of Chinese language education. This time the Embassy presented Chinese teaching materials and Chinese national musical instruments such as drums, flute, and cucurbit to the Chinese schools in Mauritius Island. I hope that the students will feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture while learning Chinese language and make new contributions to the friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges between the two peoples.

The head of Huaxia Chinese School, Liang Meiyun, thanked the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and the Chinese Embassy for their long-standing concern and support for the Chinese language education cause on behalf of the three Chinese language schools. He also said that the system of instructional materials given by the Chinese side is standardized and illustrated, enabling students to better master Chinese. The school will also set up Chinese traditional culture courses such as flute, calligraphy, and paper cutting to inherit and carry forward Chinese culture.

Mr. Gong also went to the classroom to study and interact with teachers and students to exchange information on the school teaching situation and the status quo of the development of Chinese education.

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