foundation stone laying ceremony for an integrated sports center in Mauritius

On February 21, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mauritius Integrated Sports Center was held in theCote d'or A total of more than 500 representatives of parliamentarians and athletes attended the ceremony including the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, Chinese Ambassador Sun GongyiMinister Toussaint and several other ministers.

In his speech, Prime Minister Pravind said that the integrated sports center project is an important project for the Indian Ocean Island Games hosted by Mauritius government in July 2019. Mauritius expressed his gratitude for the support and assistance that China has provided over the years and hopes that the integrated sports center project will be completed on schedule.

Ambassador Sun said that according to the consensus reached by both sides, the Chinese government will help build the swimming pool and stadium of the comprehensive sports center project. With the joint efforts of both parties, after one year's preliminary preparations, the project will enter the stage of construction. Both sides will continue to work closely together to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and the early completion of the project.

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